During the Goowine Nanjing Wine & Spirits Fair, it is the peak season of the hotel. The organizing committee recommends that you arrange your itinerary and book the hotel as soon as possible.

Goowine will still be happy to provide you with relevant information about booking hotel accommodations, and both exhibitors and visitors can enjoy preferential hotel prices. In order to facilitate your participation in the Goowine Nanjing Fair, we recommend a series of hotels for you to choose from to make your trip to Nanjing comfortable and enjoyable.

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing5 Star2 Yecheng Road, Jianye District530 M(5 minutes walk)邱蕊18652023615
Nanjing International Youth Convention Hotel5 Star8 Yecheng Road, Jianye District630 M(5 minutes walk)黄业梅13951039160
Xinhua Media GDH International Hotel5 Star363 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District640 M(5 minutes walk)柳冬梅18112992619
Fairmont Hotel Nanjing5 Star333 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District1.29 Km(10 minutes walk)胡文彬13260719790
Renaissance Nanjing Olympic Centre Hotel5 Star139 Olympic Street, Jianye District1.7 Km(15 minutes walk)掌敏17721583584
Nanjing Jinling Riverside Hotel5 Star8 Wanjingyuan Road, Jianye District2.35 Km(25 minutes walk)陈露露15195776358
Han Yue Lou Hotel Nanjing5 Star235 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District2.39 Km张辰龙18260033745
Hilton Nanjing5 Star100 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District5 Km韩俊文13851762061
The Lalu Nanjing5 Star208 Yangzijiang Avenue, Jianye District5.02 Km13851933926
南京奥体中心美居酒店4 Star建邺区江东中路289号2.1公里(地铁+步行15分钟)张凯13851891937
珍宝假日饭店(南京奥体中心店)  4 Star建邺区江东中路188号3.1公里(步行35分钟)孙梓君13913920469
南京奥体中心亚朵S酒店4 Star建邺区 嵩山路138号1.8公里(步行25分钟)025-86625599
Crystal Orange Hotel(Nanjing Olympic Center)4 Star建邺区河西大街66号1.99公里(地铁+步行15分钟)025-66086000
金梦都宾馆4 Star建邺区梦都大街30号(近黄山路)3.8公里(驾车10分钟)13951864207
Starway Hotel (Nanjing Olympic Center)4 Star建邺区奥体大街199号2公里(步行+地铁15分钟)025-52261988
金奥诺阁雅酒店(南京奥体中心店)4 Star建邺区楠溪江东街85号(缤润汇旁)2.9公里(步行+地铁20分钟)025-86636868